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“What a wonderful group to work with! Everyone is so friendly, helpful and most assuredly kind. The entire atmosphere at AHPT was one of a great place to come to and heal. Having been in therapy for lower back pain in a therapy clinic years ago (where we were rushed in and out as fast as they could so they could make “more money” out of the next client), I was so impressed. At no time did I ever feel rushed to get out so that another patient could be taken care of. I felt just as important as any other patient in your care and the knowledge made me feel I was special to each of you.”

J. Wiles
Frederick, MD area

“While attempting to lift a heavy object, I injured my back and experienced severe pain, stiffness and muscle spasms. Based upon the recommendation of Dr. Don Long, Chairman of Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore, I followed a course of anti-inflammatory agents, special low back muscle strengthening exercises and physiotherapy.

I attribute my progress partly to the professionalism, knowledge and diligence of Mr. Donald J. Novak, DPT, of the Amber Hill Physical Therapy Clinic. I found the atmosphere of the clinic to be informal and friendly with a very cheerful staff that showed great concern and empathy toward their patients. As a retired physician, I cannot refer patients any longer to the clinic, yet I would not hesitate to recommend physicians and other health care providers to consider this fine institution when referring their patients for physiotherapy.”

K. Mansouri, M.D.
Frederick, MD

“When I first came to Amber Hill Physical Therapy, my left shoulder was completely ‘frozen’ and very painful due to osteoarthritis. I could barely use it. Thanks to the knowledgeable, capable, and caring staff at Amber Hill, my goal was realized after 11 visits over five weeks. Everyone always made me feel welcome and important."

“My therapists explained what caused my condition and what our goals were. They outlined an exercise plan to increase the motion and decrease the pain in my arm and shoulder.

“This was accomplished beyond my expectations. My arm is almost as good as new. My upward reach increased by a foot and I am virtually pain-free.”

G. Patterson
Shepherdstown, WV

“Approximately eight years ago I suffered a sciatic nerve condition which resulted in severe pain in my leg. My doctor recommended a referral to a physical therapist, which brought me into contact with Amber Hill Physical Therapy and in particular with Don Novak, DPT. After an evaluation, it was recommended that I have a series of treatments, including occasional use of traction.

Being an avid golfer, I was reluctant to allow enough time for full recovery, and about every three weeks would re-injure the condition by trying to play a round of golf. Once I had allowed several months of recovery, the condition no longer was a problem for me. During the recovery I continued with occasional sessions of physical therapy and attended the back school conducted by Amber Hill, which taught correct posturing and lifting techniques. As the condition improved and the pain lessened, I was introduced to a series of stretching exercises designed to strengthen the muscles of the back, particularly those of the lower lumbar region.

For the past eight years I have continued the regular use of the stretching exercises. As a result, the sciatic condition has never bothered me again, and I have been able to play golf two to three times a week (as often as my schedule would allow). During these intervening years I was significantly involved in the closing of three households and the subsequent relocation of the furnishings.

To date, all is well! My thanks to Amber Hill (and Don Novak) for the professional guidance received early in my treatment and for the encouragement to continue with appropriate exercises in order to return to a normal life.”

D. Schwinger
Howard County, MD

“I appreciate the time that you and your staff invested in me. Given plenty of encouragement by you and the rest, I was able to recover at a comfortable yet rapid pace. All of the smiling faces and constant interest in my development through your physical therapy program made the entire process more interesting and kept me motivated. I will certainly miss seeing the whole group each week but realize that, with the help of your leg strengthening therapy, I will more than likely not have to return."

E. Hiller
Frederick, MD

“A million, million thanks to all of the sweet people at Amber Hill Physical Therapy. You made the four months of therapy very pleasant. Every visit was encouraging, and a time of improvement was experienced. First the awful pain left and then the strength came back with the exercising.”

M. Rippeon
Frederick, MD

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