FCE/Work Hardening

Now offering : Functional Capacity Evaluation(FCE)
Working Conditioning/Hardening

AHPT offers  Basic, Job Specific and Comprehensive Job Specific FCE.

Functional Capacity Evaluations use a series of tests and observations to determine the ability to function in a variety of employment settings. An FCE can be helpful in determining return to work and in applications for disability.

We evaluate the patient’s current abilities and match it with their job description to develop a program that builds strength and endurance to allow them to return to work.

Work Conditioning/ Hardening programs, which often simulate the demands of a given job description, are designed to help patients with the following:

  • Recover their strength
  • Improve endurance
  • Increase flexibility & mobility
  • Improve cardiorespiratory fitness
  • Safely return to work

Typically, these programs consist of personalized, full-body, intensive training with a focus on the activities that are similar to the physical demands required by a particular category of employment.

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