Schedule Fun for Spring Break!

Just because the kids are out of school doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have a schedule.  All children benefit from a structured day.  Maintaining a schedule is especially important for children with special needs or learning disorders.  A schedule helps your child prepare for their day and stay on task throughout the entire day.  Keeping kids on a schedule over breaks from school will also help keep them on track for a smooth transition when they return to school.  You may find that the schedule makes your job as a busy parent easier as well.

Most of us only think of making a schedule when we have a specific task to complete.  However, it is just as important to schedule fun and free time.  Doing this ensures that you and the kids take time to relax and have fun.  If the kids know the schedule ahead of time, it will be easier for you to get them back on task or to the next activity when free time is over.  This will make everyone’s spring break more enjoyable.

Here are some suggestions for making your spring break fun schedule.

  • Make the schedule as a family.  This way everyone can contribute to how you will spend your extra time over break.
  • Put everything on the schedule so children know what is expected of them ahead of time.  If making the bed is on the schedule before any daily activities, kids will know that it must be done before moving on to the next fun activity.
  • Make a balanced schedule.  If chores are on the schedule, make sure to put something fun and rewarding on the schedule when the chores are done.  Be sure to include two to three things each day, like playground time, a play date and study time.
  • Schedule some quiet activities.  By scheduling reading time during spring break, you will keep your child’s attention focused for when they return to school.
  • Put the schedule in a common area of the house.
  • Don’t over-extend yourself.  Leave room for changes and modifications that may arise through the day due to unexpected events.

Schedules don’t have to be all about work, so make your schedule for fun today!